Repairs and Cleaning

Render can look tired and dirty over a period of time due to many reasons but there are a range of options available to make render look like new again and last for many years to come.

Simply cleaning with the addition of a fungicide wash can remove light staning and dirt and is the most cost effective option. This can be a great first step and once the elevations have been cleaned the extent of any further repair, painting or re-rendering works can be identified.

After cleaning and fungicide washing elevations can be repaired, painted or even re-rendered with a range of options availble. Each giving the render a fresh new appearance that will last for many years to come. Self cleaning paints can be used to reduce the need for future maintenance and save money in the long term.

We can provide a full range of cleaning and repair services including:

- pressure wash clean

- fungicide wash

- localised render patch repairs

- painting of render in a range of finishes and colours

- re-render elevations

- scaffold and MEWP access for works at height

- powder coated flashings and trims to correct poor detailing

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Case Study

Here is an example of an old sand and cement rendered building that had suffered badly with cracking ove the years. We provided an new warranted acrylic render system to totally revitalise the facade in a modern colour scheme.

BEFORE - the existing purple sand and cement render was cracked, tired and stained in places.

AFTER - a modern acrylic render finish and a fresh new look for years to come

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